What They Say


The testimonials included below are all original quotes from my workshop participants and stakeholders (across a range of ages, identities, sectors, and levels of experience and expertise) who have so generously communicated their thoughts and feelings about my work as an educator. Since feedback is best served anonymous, to allow for honest and constructive criticism, the personal details of my participants are mostly unavailable. However, I would be happy to share evidence of the authenticity of these comments with you if you need.



“Knowledgeable, kind and endearingly radical! Vanessa kept us engaged throughout the entire session and provided insightful feedback to our contributions.” 

“I just wanted to send you a little note with just some of the amazing feedback we have received following our session. I just have to start by saying that the whole process of reaching out to you and getting everything sorted was so smooth and I instantly felt that you knew exactly where we were trying to pitch this and we wanted it to be a life change, not just a work change. From the perspective of the delivery from you, we have had so many comments. You created an open and constructive environment for us to open up and explore some of the biases. The way you spoke about some of the concepts and ways in which biases and removing them can change mindset was so thought-provoking, surprising and practical. We have never been so engaged in a training session before. Many of the cohort said that it was a real eye-opener to things that they had never even considered before as well as making them think about in intersectionality (yes we picked up some lingo) of these biases and how we shouldn’t just be assuming. Everyone said that they couldn’t believe how quickly the 4 hours flew by and how well the training went down and was pitched! It has been the most talked about training we have EVER done! We cannot wait to roll this out further and we are in complete awe of the work that you are doing! Here’s to a long and continued relationship! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

”Thanks Vanessa for a thought provoking session on creating cultural and attitudinal change”

“Vanessa is so amazing and lovely. She made the sessions very engaging with a lot of games which made it easy to grasp and have is stick to mind. I so much like the game we played on differentiating tactics against strategies. It was a new thing to me yet exciting and called for critical thinking. She was just so sure of herself and the materials she was to deliver. In short I would say there was so much creativity in her mode of delivery” 

”Beautifully facilitated conversation: thank you to the very talented

 “I loved her energy, drive and how articulate she was. She was engaging and fun.” 

”I’ve been going over what you taught us a lot lately, and just wanted to say thank you again for being such a gifted teacher! I can’t wait to pass on your teachings to my club members.”

“The methods she used encourages everyone to participate.”  

“Vanessa was amazing! She has a great personality and is easy to talk to. She creates an atmosphere that encourages sharing and I feel like she got a lot out of us.“ 

“Vanessa is fire!!! She's just so good! Her perspective is wow and she knows her onions with ease. I was inspired. I learned so much.”  

“She was great lovely personality and lives what she is preaching which is important” 

“Vanessa was great beyond words, still remember how she asked us to take away all the tables and to gather around in order for her to have a conversation with us. Although there was little lecturing during our sessions however we have had an amazing opportunity to get to know her through the session and how she delivered. She's amazing” 

“Vanessa is superb and so insightful” 

“Advocacy and Activism is something I'm new to, I chose it because I'll need it in my future work, and I'm glad I made the decision. I have learned a proper way to do my advocacy, especially in breaking down problems to find solutions, what I think of the problem isn't the only problem, it helped me to look at problems from a holistic point of view”  

“Vanessa is the real MVP.  It was engaging, exciting, practical and thought provoking. It was the highlight of my stay in Cambridge” 

“I loved my tutor and her teaching style” 

“Thought provoking, challenging and overall amazing.” 

“Vanessa did a great job and she knew what she was doing. I took away so much from the sessions. There was never a dull moment in our sessions” 

“It is interesting to learn about the powers that influence our ability to make change.  It is also interesting to learn about privilege and how different people saw privilege and their worth.  I am mostly inspired by the methods the tutor used in teaching.”  

“Vanessa was an incredible tutor. She ran our sessions very casually and encouraged a lot of discussions (rather than sitting there and lecturing us). It really helped us all engage and explore our own definitions of advocacy. She used some really interesting activities but only when relevant and only as necessary. Fantastic!” 

“Vanessa was phenomenal! She did her best to value and encourage each opinion while answering questions / asking for clarification. She did her best to foster an environment inclusive of all and encouraged dialogue.”

“Full of knowledge and experience and remained open throughout, giving people room to share and be vulnerable when needed. It was a training experience like no other! It was interactive and made room for different types of learning styles which was important for everyone to be able to engage”

“Vanessa was extraordinary! Very strong skilled facilitator that held an amazing space and responded to the whole of the groups needs while also pushing us …”

“Vanessa was a fantastic facilitator and really paid attention to the feelings and needs of the group.”

“Vanessa is amazing, inspiring, well informed and keeping track of the group.”

“I came to this training ready to learn and improve my leadership skills and I definitely did that.”