Freelance social impact educator in anti-oppression, systems leadership, and social action. Vanessa Faloye offers her consulting services as a facilitator, speaker, and blogger.

Social Justice Educator

Facilitator | Speaker | Blogger


I help change-maker organisations design and deliver social impact education that builds, agitates, and transforms systems of power.


What I Do


I facilitate deep-dive learning experiences into all the nooks and crannies of social change-making. 


I challenge people with the ambition and urgency to be the person that tomorrow's world needs them to be today.


I offer critical thinking on anti-oppression and anti-oppression education.




What They Say

"As local residents and campaigners we tend to stumble our way through situations. Vanessa's workshops made sense of why I was feeling a certain way, for example, the frustration with public decision-making; or gauging the mood and mindset of the local people. The tools and examples she gave helped me piece together the missing parts of a larger road map towards a social action which is less reactionary and more proactive"
Saif, Architect and Artist
Participant, British Council Active Citizens Programme

"I spent two weeks this summer learning from Vanessa as she taught me and my peers about social innovation.  Her engaging teaching style and passion for the subject matter were really inspiring and made learning exciting.  Her presentations were well-designed and her workshops full of activities that accelerated our understanding while making the topics incredibly interesting. She was supportive throughout the process, making sure to answer any and all questions while also making sure to keep us laughing and enjoying the work.  Vanessa is a wonderful and effective facilitator."
Maya, High School Student
Participant, Global Scholar Programme


Client Organisations