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About Me


Random stuff about me includes my love for reading, writing, traveling, dancing, colourful clothing, odd socks, and Bollywood. I'm originally from Nigeria; born and raised in London, grew up in Oxford, UK. I speak fluent Spanish as my second language and was hoping that French would be my third. Big love for my Mama and my Brother. My Mum's jollof rice is my favourite food, thank God it's vegan.

My values system

- Curiosity -

- Criticality -

- Compassion -

- Courage -

- Equity -

- Honesty -

- Introspection -

- Lifelong Learning -

- Self-Actualisation -

- Solidarity -  

- In Service of -

My pedagogical system

Critical pedagogy

Experiential-participatory education

Inquiry-based learning

Equity-centered Design

Blended learning

Emergent design

My delivery system

Experience | Reflect | Generalise | Apply

Creating a space where we feel safe to be brave

Difficult discussions + Awkward silences = Learning

Real talk, real life

Name it, Own it

The only thing stupid about a question is not asking it

Valuing multiple learning styles, needs, and intelligences

Leadership that creates leaders

What? So what? Now what?

Why? How? What if?

Fun and laughter | Heart and soul | Energy and spontaneity

My (current) knowledge system

Natives - Akala

The Body Is Not An Apology: Radical Self-Love - Sonya Renee Taylor

Freedom is a Constant Struggle - Angela Davis

Collected Essays - James Baldwin

Ain't I a Woman - bell hooks

Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom - bell hooks

Intersectionality - Patricia Hill Collins; Sirma Bilge

The Systems Thinking Playbook - Linda Booth Sweeney; Dennis Meadows


My mentors

To see the bios of these three incredibly powerful women... click on their photos!