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My talks speak to theory, practice, and lived experience that promote social innovation and self-actualisation. Through my no BS narratives, I compel audiences to think bigger and do better - in their lives and the lives of others. As a speaker, my aim is to speak truth to power and make speaker lineups less status quo.  


My keynotes:



#uptheanti is a no-nonsense talk about the ways in which we can individually and collectively show up as anti-oppressive allies in the world. It is no longer enough to just be ‘nice’ and expect deep, meaningful, and transformative change to follow; instead we have to be actively ‘anti’ in the face of systemic injustice and inequality. This means taking an intersectional approach to social justice when working towards the dismantling of racism, sexism, classism, and disableism as interconnecting and interacting systems of oppression. This keynote takes listeners on a personal and practical journey of the vital realisation that in order to be part of the solution, we must first understand that we are part of the problem.



We all share that distinct feeling that humanity is on the brink of something...

#millennialguts is a call-to-action for mission-driven millennials to become the superheroes they were born to be by saving the world: no ifs, no buts, just guts. As speaker, I play sidekick to millennial audiences by arming their arsenal with a suite of superpowers that harness all the passion and potency that makes this generation so super. Each superpower speaks to a piece of change-making insight or wisdom, designed to help millennials make positive changes in their world and in ours. Listeners will be empowered with: empathy, resilience, problem-loving, and several more... 



#hackwithimpact takes aim at how peripheral blind spots in our perspective all too often result in simplistic, siloed, and often self-serving solutions that fail to eradicate the problem. Rather, we need a bigger picture approach to problem-solving that embraces the complexity and connectivity of our 21st century challenges. 

This paradigmatic shift in how we perceive and package social impact moves to identify and exploit the leverage points of intervention in any given system that can build up or bring down the status quo. Listeners will learn how to think like a 'hacker' for a rippling 'impact' effect that is not reactionary but revolutionary.

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"Learning begins when discomfort happens". I definitely learnt a lot today. Thanks for having us in your speaker line up @SD_LDF and @vanessafaloye @wearesnook for letting me sneak into your sessions and quietly have my mind blown in the corner #inclusivedesign

@Hafsah FitzGibbon 9:09 AM - 18 Oct 2018

Teaching is clearly your gift, you have SUCH a wonderful command over the room. 

@TianaEghdam 8:25 PM - 24 Mar 2017

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This was such a dream stage!! @vanessafaloye is such an inspiration!

@priyaghai 12:45 AM - 7 Nov 2018

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"Plan that north star and reverse engineer it" @vanessafaloye Excellent advice on determining where you want to be and making it happen!

@GetConnected_17 2:34 PM - 24 Mar 2017


"We need to start co-creating together, to attack problems from different angles and perspectives." @vanessafaloye #GetConnnected2017

@Accesscharity 2:22 PM - 24 Mar 2017