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E.S.S.A Rising is an education and design-based intervention package that supports globally ambitious and engaged organisations and change-makers in building their strategy, extending their reach, and strengthening their impact.

E.S.S.A Rising is the combined effort and ultimate provocation of 'ESSA' and 'E.S.S.A' (see above). She is a dream-coming-true in the form of an international training base and consultancy, located in Colombia, Latin America, that will breathe her first breath in 2021. Both organisations and change-ambassadors with a global focus will benefit from bespoke consultation via training- and design-based interventions that support strategic planning, problem-solving, and international expansion - with Equity, Sustainability, and Systemic Action as guiding principles. E.S.S.A Rising will periodically post updates on her activities, challenges, and progress. If you are interested in supporting, sharing, and/or collaborating in some way, the legacy journey of E.S.S.A Rising might be for you. Published periodically on Instagram, Twitter, and Medium.


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The Dream: 2021

Colombia, Latin America