her persona


ESSA is my alter-ego. My superhero side of life. She is a persona of the person that I could, should, and would have been if the world hadn't happened to me. ESSA helps me to reclaim the parts of me that I lost to systemic oppression.

ESSA takes the form of a vlogging journal that shares one black

woman's feeling, dealing, and healing with trauma as the result of

lived oppression. What this vlog specifically looks at is how this

journey is done or undone through a process of 'persona-fication' (the

creation of an alter-ego or persona as a tool for healing, growth, and

self-empowerment). It is a naked truth to power; a truth that is not

sugarcoated for the audience's pleasure or palette, but that is an

insightful yet imperfect exploration of reclaiming one's lost identity. It

is a personal attempt to take back myself who once was and who

might rise into being once more. If you are interested in learning about

how superheroes can save the world and save themselves - the

personal journey of ESSA might be for you. Published periodically in

Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.